Friday, 17 May 2013

Rock Hard, my fourth thriller comes out in a few months

My fourth thriller, ROCK HARD, comes out in  few months. I'm just doing a final few re-reads and edits.

It tells the story of a rock band that gets involved in all kinds of trouble, with murders, drug deals, betrayal... I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

New Book: The Yemeni Betrayal

My new book, The Yemeni Betrayal, is out now as an ebook. You can buy it from or

Here's the blurb:

When Yemeni arms dealers threaten what is most dear to him, former secret service agent Arran Delamaine embarks on a mission of revenge that leaves a trail of blood in its wake.

Former MI6 officer Arran Delamaine and his wife Sylvia fled Yemen when her parents were murdered for delving too deep into the illegal arms trade. Eighteen months later, their life has finally settled in London when a mysterious Interpol agent tries to recruit Arran to investigate the death of a notorious Yemeni arms dealer.

Arran initially refuses, fearful that the past is catching up with him. But when hired guns sent by Yemeni arms dealers turn up on his doorstep and take what is most dear to him, he realises he has no choice.

Teaming up with Interpol, Arran makes his way to Sana’a, the ancient capital of Yemen, to hunt down his enemies and seek justice once and for all.

In a journey that takes him deep into Yemen’s brutal tribal culture, Arran faces a race against time to bring down a major illegal arms cartel before it destroys him and everything he’s ever cared for.

It’s a rainy and cold winter evening and Dr Arran Delamaine is giving a lecture in criminology at the London School of Economics. He left the MI6 secret service a year earlier following a failed mission to Yemen in which his wife Sylvia’s parents were brutally murdered in their hotel bedroom.

Interpol agent Max Zovensky tries to recruit Arran to a new mission to take down an illegal arms trade network in Yemen that is supplying the region’s conflicts. Arran turns down the offer because the bad memories of the failed mission and the murders of the previous year are still too fresh.

But the illegal arms dealers are already on Arran’s case, fearing his reputation and possible involvement with Interpol. Betrayed and let down by the very people who were meant to help him, Arran heads for Yemen on his most dangerous mission yet.

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